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The E-Terms service

E-termsandconditions.com produces instant custom-made terms and conditions tailored for eCommerce websites and informational websites.

E-Terms covers the essential requirements of new EU legislation including GDPR and other aspects of online trading such as returns and privacy policies. By answering a set of simple questions, our automated system builds for you a set of e-terms and conditions that you can add to your website straight away.

E-Terms - The company

Electric Media Limited owns and operates a number of successful websites including www.e-terms.co.uk.

E-Terms has helped over 3000 businesses create terms and conditions for their eCommerce websites and information websites. Our directors have many years' experience working with the Internet and particularly the eCommerce sector.

E-Terms - Legal Services

We offer small and medium businesses a cost-effective way to create and download E-Terms and Conditions, Privacy & Cookie Policy documents for their website. Electric Media Limited is not a legal firm, nor are we authorised to provide legal advice, however, we work with one the UK's leading Internet Lawyers to ensure our Master Templates which are used to build your bespoke E-Terms and Conditions are compliant with the law for most websites.

We cannot guarantee that our E-Terms are suitable for every online business, so if you are unsure please contact us before purchase. If you feel that you need some specific advice or know you need some special clauses to help protect your online business we are pleased to be able to offer you preferential "fixed fee" rates from qualified & experienced solicitors. please contact us by email sales@e-terms.co.uk

E-Terms Contact Details

Please contact us at sales@e-terms.co.uk.

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Example E-Terms and Conditions

E-terms.co.uk produces instant custom-made E-Terms and Conditions tailored for UK eCommerce, blog and informational websites. The terms cover the essential requirements of new EU legislation and other aspects of online trading such as returns and privacy policies. Our example e-terms and conditions are provided by customers who have used our website services.