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Selling Goods or ServicesGeneral Brochure 'Style' Websitesinc Wordpress & ForumsSites with Ads
£95 +VAT £35 +VAT £45 +VAT £55 +VAT
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Terms & Conditions ? ECommerce Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Blog Terms and Conditions Affiliate Terms and Conditions
Privacy & Cookie Policy ? ECommerce Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Blog Terms and Conditions Affiliate Terms and Conditions
Updated for GDPR ? Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions
CookieTab  ? Blog Terms and Conditions CookieTab included Blog Terms and Conditions Blog Terms and Conditions
System Access & Re-Edits ? 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Support Priority Email Email Email Email
User Forums ? ECommerce Terms and Conditions  
Adverts ? ECommerce Terms and Conditions    
eCommerce support ? s    
Delivery & Returns Policy s      
Alternative Dispute Resolution  ? Blog Terms and Conditions      
User Registration ? ECommerce Terms and Conditions      
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Features of every T&C package:

  • Website Terms and Conditions compliant with UK and EU law
  • Privacy & Cookie Policy documents incorporating data-protection GDPR law & EU Cookie Law Compliance.
  • All documents customised for you and pre-populated with your business details.
  • Accessible in HTML, Text and Word formats.

IMPORTANT: Please remember our Website Terms and Conditions are custom generated for YOU, they are NOT 'off the shelf' templates that you need to spend time editing.

Please note our eCommerce Terms & Conditions have been updated to comply with the latest distance selling regulations taking account of the new Consumer Contracts Regulations. Our eCommerce T&Cs include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) & GDPR privacy policy.

If you are not sure which Website Terms and Conditions to choose just contact us with your requirements.

E-Terms are one of the UK's leading provider of custom-made eCommerce and Website Terms and Conditions. That's why 2000+ businesses use our services.


Time is money, we make it quick and easy to create and download your own, tailored website T&Cs. Unlike 'off the shelf' templates where you have got to spend time editing the document, entering your details and deleting sections that may not apply, with E-Terms, all we ask is some simple questions up front and then build you a uniquely tailored set of documents that match your business requirements.


Our master templates which are used to build your bespoke T&Cs have been prepared by one of the UK's leading Internet Lawyers to ensure they are compliant with the law for most websites.  Our aim at E-Terms is to provide a cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses to create and download their website Terms and Conditions, Privacy & Cookie Policy documents.


We work very hard to offer you the right Terms and Conditions for your website, but sometimes (only occasionally) we have clients who have changed their mind and would prefer to pay a lawyer to create their legal documents. If, for any reason, you're not happy with our service please contact us within 7 days of the purchase, if we can't put it right, we'll provide you a full refund.

Buy Terms and conditions from E-Terms produces instant custom-made terms and conditions tailored for UK eCommerce, blog and informational websites. The terms cover the essential requirements of new EU legislation. When you buy terms and conditions from E-Terms, you're providing legal cover for your business and developing trust with your customers.

Disclaimer: The operators of this website are not Legal Advisers, nor do we offer legal advice. This service provides you with automatically generated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents based on templates that have been prepared and updated by UK internet lawyers. Our legal documents are suitable for most websites, but you should seek the advice of a lawyer if you want to guarantee the suitability of our Terms and Conditions for your website.