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Our Website Terms and Conditions are custom made and tailored for you. Our Website Terms & Conditions are NOT 'off the shelf' templates that you need to spend time editing. Download your own formatted, tailored Online Terms and Conditions with Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy for your website now:

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Please note if you should choose to buy our eCommerce Terms & Conditions have been updated to comply with the latest distance selling regulations taking account of the new rules which have come into force in the UK on the 13th June 2014. Download eCommerce T&C's customised to your business now.

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E-Terms are the UK's leading provider of custom-made Website Terms and Conditions.

We've helped over 2,000+ businesses with their website legal documents, with prices starting at just £35.

EU Cookie Law CookieTab All of our Website Terms & Condition packages now include CookieTab with its simple interface and clean design, helps you comply with the new EU Cookie Directive. CookieTab is a bright orange tab that floats on the far left of your website pages. When a new user visits your site, CookieTab will warn them that your site uses cookies. The user can agree to the use of cookies, find further advice on cookies, or simply ignore the message.

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When you create your website Terms and Conditions template from E-Terms we provide you with Terms and Conditions and Privacy & Cookie Policy documents custom-made for your website. Our master templates are drafted by experienced Internet lawyers, Cook & Co Solicitors, and then tailored to your requirements using our automated E-Terms service.

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Terms and Conditions for your web site at an affordable price


Any UK website! If you operate a website for your business, whether for ecommerce or simply to inform your customers, you need up-to-date website terms and conditions and a privacy & cookie policy.


A comprehensive personalised set of ecommerce terms and conditions and privacy & cookie policy documents that can be integrated into your web site, that cover the essential requirements of new EU legislation and other aspects of online trading such as returns and privacy policies. By answering a set of simple questions, our automated system builds for you a set of terms and conditions that you can add to your web site straight away! Included in the documents: -
1) A cancellation and returns policy compliant with latest EU regulations.
2) A disclaimer to cover pricing errors etc on your website.
3) Details on the establishment of the contract with your customer.
4) Important terms of use for visitors to your website.
5) A standard privacy policy covering use of customer information.


We have a range of Terms and Conditions for most websites; brochure, ecommerce, blog, affiliate.... You can buy terms and conditions from just £35 upwards however if you need something special, contact us for more information.

A UNIQUE SERVICE - Online Website Terms and Conditions for your business

You may find others offering "standard template" terms and conditions, but no-one offers the level of detail that you will find in ours. Our service has been thoroughly researched by experienced internet lawyers Cook & Co and developed into a much more focused offering, particularly useful for the Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce web site.

Furthermore, by means of our online questionnaire, the Website Terms and Condition we supply are already pre-filled with your details and tailored to your requirements, even down to the category of products sold.


Don't waste hours trawling through legal documents such as the EU distance selling regulations, just follow our interactive system to produce a set of tailored Terms and Conditions for your web site in minutes.


Everyone knows that lawyers are expensive. By using our automated service we can save you hundreds of pounds.


Our Website Terms and Conditions were drawn up by expert internet lawyers who have many years' experience in dealing with complex distance selling regulations. You benefit from this experience at a fraction of the normal cost.


First-time visitors to your website will be reassured that they are dealing with a proper company if you have clear terms, refund and privacy policies displayed on your website.


It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the simple questions needed to produce your Website Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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Website Terms and Conditions by E-Terms produce instant custom-made terms and conditions tailored for UK ecommerce, blog and informational websites. The terms cover the essential requirements of new EU legislation and other aspects of online trading such as returns and privacy policies. By answering a set of simple questions, our automated system builds for you a set of website terms and conditions that you can add to your website straight away.